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Sipun Pradhan

IOTA Evangelist.

Sipun Kr. Pradhan is a Phd. candidate at the Blockchain and Fintech lab of Computer Science Department at National Taiwan University (NTU). NTU CSIE being 35th in the world ranking has one of the largest Blockchain labs in the world. His work studies IOTA tangle, Hashgraph, Blockchain lightening networks and its applications. His team works on IOTA smart contract implementation and a new interledger compatibility protocol development.

He has been in the Blockchain field for over four years with comprehensive experience in Blockchain education, Blockchain core development, Blockchain architecture design, P2P payment clearance, Smart contract development and security auditing, wallet security and as well as an expert on Blockchain fastening initiatives, such as IOTA. At his lab they started Gcoin( Blockhcian back in 2013, now used by many banks and financial institutions in Taiwan.

Prior to that he got his MS degree from NTU with mathematics and Artificial Intelligence as major from CSIE department. He also studied Cyber security at Ben-Gurion University of Negv, Israel as a graduate exchange student. He joined IOTA IEN in 2017 and oversees Blockchain applications on IOT in India and Tawan. He also currently working on few ICO projects like Paliums( a JVM smart contract execution engine), Tack (a standalone crypto messaging APP), Kaplex(a decentralized global exchange).