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Maryam Taghiyeva

Chief Systems Architect | CCEG Blockchain UN Lab

Maryam Taghiyeva is a Chief Systems Architect , has written 5 whitepapers in blockchain.Seratio Platform Architecture: Sandbox for Non-Financial Enterprise Solutions Seratio Blockchain Whitepaper. Impacting with Value: Capture-Translate-Transact-Report. Proof-of-Impact Transaction Platform Seratio Blockchain: Values Based Impact Interventions Seratio Blockchain Whitepaper: Currency of Intangible Non-Financial Value.

When it comes to blockchain she always says that "There is an ever increasing gap between the institutional desire to participate in the burgeoning blockchain world and the bleeding edge frontier of the fourth industrial revolution. The former is full of risk averse banks, corporates, investment houses, family offices, governments, regulators, UHNWI and NGO's, and the latter bursting with terrifying instruments of tokenisation, ICO's, hackers, silk road, anonymity, cryptocurrency, exchanges and forks. What the world desperately needs is to bridge the divide with trusted institutional advisors using mature instruments and reliable data.".