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Once you come across tremendous Blockchain technology, definitely you will never leave it behind. With an emerging growth of Blockchain technology, it is incredible to ignore the endless paybacks it has already given to the world. The BlockC60 Event team’s aim is to exhibit the industry’s most innovative solutions and bring companies together with the Blockchain.

If you wish to gain a real insight into the technology of Blockchain, just join BlockC60 Event and avail yourself of the possibility to meet and partner with the world’s prominent Blockchain value generators. With BlockC60 Event you will definitely get first-hand practical acquaintance of how technology has been fruitfully implemented in diverse parts of the world and what a dramatic influence it has already had on the present markets.

Theme of the Event

The 5 W’s for implementation of Blockchain and ICO

Usually, when a cryptocurrency startup company wants to raise its money through an ICO (Initial Coin Offering), it creates a plan that states
Why should a venture capitalist need to get into the world of Blockchain technology?
What the project is really about and the essential needs the project?
When is the right time and platform to launch the project?
Which type of virtual tokens, the project pioneers should keep for themselves?
How much funding is required to complete the venture, what type of currency is accepted, and how long an ICO campaign will work?

Legal & Tax compliances in ICO

Initial Coin Offering is precisely same like crowdfunding and yet some legal considerations are essential to be taken into consideration in order to protect founders, businesses and funds raised. The current outlook is that ICOs are beyond the remit of legal regulation and its frameworks, which offers a white card on ICO’s activities.
Tax compliances in ICO is still a million-dollar Question for every individual business. What is the tax exposure on the sale of your Tokens? What are the tax implications of your subscribers on buying and reclamation of tokens? BlockC60 Events is the perfect go to clear all your illusions on ICOs, Distributed Ledgers, Cryptography, Smart Contracts and Decentralised Applications.

Crypto Trading & Token Economics

Cryptocurrency trading or Crypto trading, is simply the interchange of cryptocurrencies. Like in Foreign Exchange (Forex), you can also sell and buy a cryptocurrency for another, like Bitcoin or Altcoin for Euro and USD.
Token economics is the phenomenon in which companies or startup projects fund their business operations by handing out elements of cryptocurrencies.

Media, Branding & PR in Blockchain

BlockC60 Events presents you the most prominent keynote speakers, who are capable of driving pioneering ideas and growing successful businesses. Here, we bolster the significance of a variety of media services, ranging from Public Relations and Influencer Marketing, to Branding and Print Distribution.